Talking with your angels
As a clairvoyant, I'm often asked by clients how they can obtain guidance for themselves between professional readings. I tend to explain to them a useful technique which most people can use to get in touch with their personal angels, and to ask for their help and guidance. I thought it might be useful to offer this technique here.
First, plan a short period, maybe 15 minutes or so, when you can be undisturbed. Sit, or if you prefer, lie down, comfortably. If you like, put on some relaxing music or light an incense stick. Then just relax for a few moments.
Now try to visualise a pure white light coming down through the clouds from heaven and descending through the top of your head and along the length of your spine. This is the light of God and the angels. Visualise it spreading outwards to fill your whole body with bright, white light - the energy of God.
Some people have difficulty actually visualising - 'seeing' - the white light. If you are one of these, then instead you can use sound or touch to sense the energy instead. Hear a gentle humming sound descending from the clouds to fill your spine and body; or 'feel' a gentle warmth descending and spreading outwards.
Now visualise the arch-angels about you. In front of you, Raphael. Say 'Before me, Raphael', and visualise the golden haired angel of the sun standing there before you clad in yellow and violet robes, with great golden wings outspread. Or, if you struggle with the visualisation, again use sound or touch instead. 'Hear' the sound of a summer breeze rustling through the leaves to signify his presence, for Raphael is the angel of the element Air. Or feel the soft breath of the wind on your cheek as his angelic touch.
Now say 'Behind me Gabriel'; and visualise the silver haired angel of the element of Water standing behind you in blue and silver robes. Or hear her in the sound of a softly tinkling stream or fountain; or feel her as the lap of the waves on your feet.
Next, say: 'At my right hand, Michael'. Visualise the red haired angel of the element of Fire in his robes of green and red flame. Or hear him in the sound of a roaring furnace fire; or feel him as the glow of a blazing log fire on your face.
Finally say: 'At my left hand, Auriel', visualising the chestnut haired angel of Earth in her  multi-coloured robes of russet, olive, citrine and black, the colours of elemental Earth. Hear her presence in the silence of the earth on a still summers day, or in the quiet before a thunderstorm; or smell her as the scent of fresh turned earth. 
Sit for a moment, feeling the warmth and companionship of the arch-angels surrounding you, guarding you and prepared to offer you their help and guidance.
Now choose one of the angelic figures to address. It may be that you will feel naturally attracted to one of the angels; but if not, choose according to your astrological sun sign. That is, for Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, all Fire signs, choose Michael, angel of the Fire. For Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, the Earth signs, choose Auriel. If your sign is a Water one, either Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, choose Gabriel. If you are an Air sign - Gemini, Libra or Aquarius - then choose Raphael.
Now addressing your chosen angel in your own words, ask him or her - angels are in themselves creatures of spirit, and so not really possessed of a sex as we understand it, but traditionally Raphael and Michael are regarded as male, while Gabriel and Auriel are female - to be a source of protection and guidance to you. If you have questions to ask or problems with which you need help, ask or tell them of these and ask for their counsel or aid. Then relax, visualise or otherwise sense your angel in front of you, or possibly enfolding you in the glory of their mighty wings, and just see what comes. You may find ideas swim into your mind; you may find a sense of peace and love rises up in you. You may feel little or nothing ar all! For often the answer or help for which you have asked will come later, and not necessarily in any miraculous way. It may come quietly and simply as the result of the operation of normal life; it may come at night in dreams. But relax; come it will.
Now thank your angel for listening to you. Finally, see all of the angels one by one withdrawing from about you. A good technique can be to see each one in turn turn to face outwards away from you before flying away back to heaven. Or sense the sound you used with each lessening away into the distance; or perhaps a parting brush of their fingers on your face.  
Relax for a moment or two; then open your eyes and come back to the everyday world.
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