What happens during a reading.
When reading the Tarot or other cards, I may ask you to shuffle or cut the cards in various ways, usually while thinking of the circumstances to which you want answers; I will usually use your astrological sign to select a start point for the reading.

I read the cards both as having meanings in themselves, and also to provide contact with my spirit guides.

I can read for many different purposes - to tell what the year ahead holds in store for you, to look at specific areas of your life - work, education, family, love and relationships, health, spirit contacts, etc - or to seek answers to particular questions for you.

Laying out a certain number of cards in one or other of the many traditional forms for reading, I will then begin to tell you what I see.

Depending on the purpose of the reading, I will probably also give you opportunity to ask a few specific questions, to which I use the cards and spirit guides to give answers.

 Each reading is different in the extent to which it is based on the cards, on spirit messages, or on deep psychological contacts; sometimes it is solely one of these, sometimes a mixture.
A reading usually lasts for around 45 mins, and is recorded on cd for you to take away and listen to again when you wish. You should find it an informative as well as enjoyable experience.
Current legislation requires me to state that all tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am sure you will find this entertainment a valuable and interesting one.  

Readings are available in many formats:
Online via skype
By Email
By Phone

For groups and special occasions.


Whichever you choose, all my readings offer extremely good value, and are covered by my 'Satisfaction guarantee' of your money back. See 'Pay here' page for more details.

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