Welcome from Lucy  Bluewolf.

Please note that during the Coronavirus crisis, I am not doing face to face readings, but continue to offer support and guidance via telephone and online readings as usual. 

Love and relationships, family and children, work and career, money, health, travel - what does your future hold for you and your loved ones? Wouldn't it be good to look into the future and see what lies ahead? And what of those you've known and loved, who have passed over from this world to the next - are they still about and thinking of you? What of your previous lives - have you lived before, and if so - who were you, what was it like, what lessons did you learn then that might help you now? 

Sometimes its not enough to just know what the future holds; sometimes we'd like to actually make the future we want! Is it possible to work some special magick to help the things you want come more easily into your life? For that special relationship, home or job to be yours? Do you want to feel better, healthier and happier yourself; or those you care for to have these? Would you like to feel more self confident, be more successful in whatever fields you want? Have you read 'The Secret', or seen the film, and would you like to see it actually working in your life? Contact me for one of my special 'Secret Tarot Magick' sessions, and watch the new energies come surging into your life, and those of the ones you love! 

I offer fun and interesting tarot reading to help guide you along your present and future life journey, mediumship to contact friends and relatives who have passed from this life, psychic counseling, and past life regression,  And my special 'Secret Tarot Magick', by phone ,email, or via online Skype video link, which makes an online reading possible anywhere in the world, just as good as being in the same room with me reading for you, but without the hassle of travelling from the comfort of your own home.

Based in Yorkshire UK, I provide Tarot reading, clairvoyant and psychic services all over the world. See my testimonials page to read what some of my customers have to say about their readings.I aim to provide some of the best psychic, tarot reading and mediumship services around, at a very affordable price.  Contact me for a friendly, no pressure discussion of your requirements.

 I also offer teaching sessions to help develop your latent psychic abilities. Contact me for details or to discuss your requirements, or look out for one of my regular 'specials'.

Telephone today on
07835 878803 to book or ask any questions; 
or email me at:

On occasion, I can  also offer fascinating table tipping, channeling and seance sittings for individuals or groups wanting to experience what it is like to communicate with the spirit world. Contact me for details or to discuss your requirements, or look out for one of my regular 'specials'.


N.B. By law I have to state that all my services are for entertainment purposes only. I cannot be held responsible for beliefs held and outcomes resulting from these.

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