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I had a couple of readings some time ago from luke and they were really precise. Everything turned out as he told me. He told me about my past relationship which i have to put behind me and that thinking about it wouldn't help me move forward. On the 22nd November my dear Pagan Angel did another free reading for me which was more than detailed because he mentioned my work and that i was very appreciated from my boss without me knowing. Infact only yesterday one of my collegues passed a good remark about how pleased my boss is about me. Luke has helped me alot to move forward with my life as i was feeling very stuck in the same situation. Now i am really looking forward to the choice i have to make between the two guys whom he mentioned will be entering my life. He is really gifted and for me he is the best as i had some readings in my country before and were never so detailed and honest as his. Keep it up Luke, sure you are the best angel. Regards Vanessa xx When was your reading? 22/11/2010
I had a reading from Bluewolf on Sunday. He didn't know anything about me, he only had my questions to answer. I asked the usual about love relationships and my working situation. His reading was very detailed and he suprised me by what he seemed to know about me. He picked up about studying law, this is no...t me i might add but my 12 year old son has got his heart set on a career in this field :-). He also picked up violence in my past, which i am well over and the fact that i have met some useless plonkers regarding love relationships. He did give me hope stating that i will meet someone special in the future ;-). I have had internet readings before from ebay and none of them were so detailed that described my life so well. It's pretty scarey really when yer think !!!! Keep it up Pagan Angel, you defo got the gift and i have to say, thanks again for my free and wonderful reading. You are a true angel xx Regards, Debs. When was your reading? 07/03/2010
I also had a reading from Luke on Sat 6th March 2010. He did a celtic cross spread based on releationships/family life over last 3 months and next 3 months. The reading was fantastically accurate he even knew that i myself am also Reiki healer!! Another thing he picked up within my reading was that i had finally let go and walked away from my previous relationship which was very unhealthy and violent. The whole reading fasinated me as i only gave Luke my name and date of birth. It had good, detailed content. Will definately use Luke's talents again, he is a very talented person, i will continue to keep in touch, lovely person. Thankyou so much Luke, Katt you have made good job building this site for Luke. Love and light Lynsey x I When was your reading? 06/03/2010
Luke reads for me in person on a regular basis in Sheffield, and his readings are so accurate its uncanny! At my last reading he was telling me about what I was planning to do and how I'd go about it almost before I'd even decided on it myself! And its all happening just as he predicted. He has a beautiful way of putting you at ease, and his friendly manner as well as the striking accuracy of his readings make me come back again and again. The Enchantress.  When was your reading? 17/02/2010
Was very Happy with my reading, basically luke told me what I already knew n was doing. There was no surprises which was good and the cards all read good so was impressed. Thanks Luke was muchly appreciated as you gave me some insight on what 2 do next. Mistress Bella xox When was your reading? 13-13-2010
Lady Katt is a natural energy worker (healer) clairvoyant and spirit messenger. Her inate ability to offer readings that are straight to the point, and accurate, has amazed her customers. Her healing abilities astound even herself, as she is directed with help from spirit to ailments and injuries before offering a hands-on energy working and seemingly miraculous results. Respectful to ways of Mother nature, druidry, shamanism and witchcraft, her love of the countryside and animals allows her to be empathic and extremely sensitive and approachable by all around
Katt gave me a very accurate reading. She mentioned some feelings I am having at the moment and the situation I was in. she even mentioned my sisters name which was very impressive. Highly recommended. I will be using her again in the future. Thank you again x
Fully recommend Lady Katt’s readings, they are so accurate and come across in a very sensitive way. After having a few unsettling tarot readings previously it was such a change to receive Lady Katt’s reading as it was well written and thought out and I shall certainly be back for more
 Nicole Brooker The Website Angel
I had a "blind reading" done by Katt and was very impressed! Her reading was very accurate, even though we have never met and she was working with just a photograph. There were a couple of parts of the reading where I was totally amazed that she could pinpoint things which very few people know about me. This has been the most accurate reading I have ever had done. I would highly recommend having your next reading done by Katt.
Geraldine Lynch -
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