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Tarot Reading
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffield
A high percentage of Blue Wolf Psychic business is from repeat customers and referrals, both online and in person.
Luke would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as a clairvoyant  tarot reader and deliver you a personal service, with amazing results.
Please note - we are presently offering a very special deal, with not one, but TWO psychics reading for you at each reading for no extra cost!!! One concentrating on the cards while the other makes spirit contacts for you. This is likely to be a limited time offer, so take advantage of us straight away!!
Some Tarot History
Some say that the Tarot was first created by the ancient Egyptians, as a respository for their occult lore. But the symbols of the Tarot can also be found in the hands of Hindu gods and goddesses, suggesting India may have been another possible source. And yet another tradition says that the cards were designed by a group of learned Arab magickians in about 1200AD. 
In 1299 the Tarot appeared in Italy, by 1371 it was known in Spain, shorlty after in Germany, and by 1392, Tarot cards were certainly familiar in the court of the mad French king, Charles VI, and thence spread to other royal courts of Europe. The curious cards, with their strange and entrancing symbolism were perhaps carried by gypsy wanderers, always known for their clairvoyant powers of 'second sight', and their ability to foretell the future.
There are various designs of Tarot packs today, but whether they are the traditional Marseilles, the occult Rider-Waite, or take on some of the more exotic forms of American Shamanic, Egyptian or Mythical creations, or any other, the underlying symbolism remains, and those who have the ability can still, as did the ancient magickians and gypsies, use their cryptic messages to foretell and inform.
A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, 56 of which are called the 'minor' arcana - these are the suits of Wands or Rods, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles or Coins, or similar names; and the 22 'trumps', or 'major' arcana. These are the fascinatingly named and pictured cards, like 'The Fool'; 'The Empress'; 'The Star'; 'The Lightning-Struck Tower', and others.
What happens during a reading.
When reading the Tarot, Luke will ask you to shuffle or cut the cards in various ways, usually while thinking of the circumstances to which you want answers; Luke can read for many different purposes - to tell what the year ahead holds in store for you, to look at specific areas of your life - work, education, family, love and relationships, health, spirit contacts, etc - or to seek answers to particular questions for you. He will ask you just to relax as you shuffle or cut the cards. He will then lay out a certain number of cards in one or other of the many traditional forms for reading, and begin to tell you what he sees. Depending on the purpose of the reading, Luke may lay out one or more 'spreads', usually at least 2 or 3. He will probably also give you opportunity to ask a few specific questions, to which he uses the cards to give answers.
Luke reads the cards both as having meanings in themselves, but also using contact with his spirit guides. Unusually, as a trained psychologist and counsellor, Luke also has the ability to tune in to the deep layers of the universal unconscious, where it is possible for him to make contact with the places from which our personal sources of myth, legend and spiritual energies flow. As a result, one of his specialisms is to offer counselling and consultancy for individuals and organisations based on this usually inaccessible source of wisdom and guidance.  Each reading is different in the extent to which it is based on the cards, on spirit messages, or on deep psychological contacts; sometimes it is solely one of these, sometimes a mixture.
A reading usually lasts for between 45 mins and an hour or so, and is recorded on cd for you to take away and listen to again when you wish. You should find it an informative as well as enjoyable experience.
Current legislation requires us to state that all tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. We are sure you will find this entertainment a valuable and interesting one.  
Readings face to face, online or by telephone
Blue Wolf Psychic Tarot Readings are available in many formats:
By Email
By Phone
In Person
For Groups / Special Occasions.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffield
Whichever you choose, all offer extremely good value, and are covered by our 'Satisfaction guarantee' of your money back if not satisfied with your reading. See 'Fees' page for more details.
Cost of a reading
Individual readings. A face to face reading at our premises in Wath upon Dearne, nr. Rotherham, South Yorkshire, lasting for approximately 45 mins to one hour, is currently £35. You receive a full personal reading for the year ahead, and have opportunity to ask any questions you may want answered.
A reading in your own home, exactly as above, is currently £35 for a single reading, with a charge of 75p per mile for travel costs.
Include a friend for a reading with either of the options above and get a discount. Contact us for details.
Group readings, parties, etc. We are happy to read for small groups, parties, hen nights, birthdays, or other special occasions. We normally offer a discount on such bookings. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Party booking special - FREE READING FOR HOSTESS - maximum of 4 people; 30 to 40 mins each reading, currently £120. Get your friends together for a great fun and informative night in.
Online, email or telephone readings. For those living at a distance, we are happy to offer readings either online via msn or skype, by email, or over the telephone (telephone readings only in UK mainland). Cost is currently £35 for these readings, which offer exactly the same quality as those above. Payment by Paypal is accepted for these readings.
Consultancy to business and other organisations is availabe by prior agreement. Contact us for details, and to discuss your requirements.
Paying for your reading.
You can pay for your face to face reading by cash or cheque at the time of attending.
Online, email or telephone readings can be paid for using Paypal. To make these payments, please go to our 'PAY HERE' page and click on the appropriate button.
Mystick Psychic phone line
0906 117 7632
Our own phoneline from which you can speak to the same UK Top Psychics as advertised in the Spiritual Press, such as 'Destiny' and 'Prediction' magazines.
Calls cost £1.50 per minute - maximum 20 minutes long before redial required.
If you have a favourite reader listed with Inveroak psychic phonelines please pin in the mystic reader number when asked, otherwise just wait for the next availlable reader to come online.
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