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Blue Wolf Psychic mediums enjoy working with a variety of media to provide contact with the wisdom of the spirit world. We use not only tarot cards, but as occasion seems appropriate, may use crystal ball, Ouija board, clairvoyant mediumship, or other ways to contact the spirit world.
For those who are interested, we are happy to arrange a fascinating and fun evening, or afternoon, of spiritual communication, where our psychics will provide safe access for you and your family or friends to experience some of these forms of spiritual contact.
The table tipping seance is a fascinating and fun way to make your first actual contact with the spirit world. One or more of our psychics will sit with you and your family or friends and enable you to feel the thrill of real physical contact through the tipping table with the spirits who want to communicate with you. You can ask questions - and they may or may not give you the answers you want! You can find out a little about what it is like on the 'other side', in the spirit world.
These experiences can be arranged for groups of 2 to 6 people, and normally run for approximately 2 hrs, with a cup of tea and snack on conclusion to help 'earth' you again. We can arrange these at our comfortable premises in Wath, near Rotherham; or we may be able to come to you. Please ask us for details. Cost is approximately £20 per person.
We are also happy to arrange psychic parties for small groups of family or friends, where all present receive a reading, while those waiting have opportunity to enjoy exploring their own psychic gifts by experiencing some of the tools of the psychic. We may provide experience with a selection from: tarot cards, angel cards, non-hypnotic past life regression, Ouja board, crystal ball, runes, table tipping, or other media for contacting the spirit world. We would normally come to your chosen location to conduct the party. Cost is in the region of £120 for 4 -6 guests, larger parties can also be accomodated on request. Please contact us for a friendly discussion of how we can meet your requirements.
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