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Past Life Regression
First (introductory) session FREE!
Why not give yourself or a friend or family member an Easter treat with the opportunity to enjoy finding out as little about who they were, and how it may have influenced this present life.
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There are probably as many theories of reincarnation as there are believers, but the basic idea is that, when a person dies, the only part of him or her that really 'dies' is the physical body. The mind, which contains the person's mental impressions, continues after the body's death. At a later date, the person is reborn, and the birth is of a new physical body, accompanied by the old mind with the impressions and memories from previous lives. One of the effects of the trauma of birth is that these memories usually become lost to consciousness, and remain as unconscious influences on our lives. Only in the right circumstances can these memories be brought back into consciousness.
Similar beliefs are held in many religions; Hinduism, Buddhism, ancient Celtic and Judaic beliefs. And according to these religions, many of the problems in our present lives are the results of 'Karma'; the fruits of the things we have done in our previous lives, affecting us now, for good or ill. We are ultimately responsible for our own happiness and misery, according to this belief, because of the way we have acted in our previous lives. Thus we create our own heaven and hell here on earth.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffield
If we had a time machine, it would be a fascinating thing to be able to go back and visit ourselves in the past, and to see who we were and how we lived, and who was there with us. Past life regression takes the place of the time machine, and enables us to do exactly that! What a wonderful, thrilling experience, and enriching to our understanding of ourselves and other people, to be able to take advantage of this exciting technology! 
Obviously, if we can remember what it was that we did in our previous lives to cause the good and bad in this one, we could also maybe do something to improve the situation. Often, as in psychotherapy, it is enough to know and understand the cause of something, in order to rid ourselves of any negative effects. There are in fact numbers of cases in which people have been able to rid themselves of complex problems by understanding how these arose as the result of their past life experiences. In some cases, where psychotherapy has been unable to help someone deal with problems, regression to past lives may help identify a cause and enable healing to take place.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffield From an interesting and informative experience of discovering who and what you were in the past, to relief of symptoms from psoriasis to arthritis, lack of confidence, anxiety, sexual problems, and various addictive behaviours, past life regression can be a valuable, as well as interesting, experience.
Past Life Regression is normally conducted using a light hypnotic trance technique, although it is possible to use other techniques if preferred. One of the most widely known misunderstandings about hypnosis is that when you are hypnotised, you become unconscious and unaware of what is happening. This misunderstanding puts some people off, or affects their confidence in allowing themselves to be hypnotised, and they fail to utilise the benefits of this valuable technique.
At no time are they unaware. They are certainly calm and relaxed; but  in fact, the greater the depth of hypnosis, the greater the person's level of awareness, and the better the therapeutic results. The hypnotist's main problem is usually to convince the subject that they have in reality been hypnotised!
Over 90% of people hypnotised for the first time will deny that they have been hypnotised, giving as the reason that they remained entirely aware of everything that was said and done during the hypnotic session. With no disrespect to stage hypnotists, this is partly their fault! Their version of hypnosis is the one with which most people have some familiarity, without being aware that it is a very specialised form of the technique. Stage hypnosis takes place in very different circumstances from therapeutic hypnosis, and with different intentions. Stage hypnotists also rely on their subjects desire on stage to fall in with the hypnotist and appear to be unconscious of what has taken place.
No disrespect is intended to anyone, but it is important to be aware that therapeutic hypnosis is a very safe and natural process. A person under hypnosis is at all times aware of what they are doing and experiencing, and cannot be made to do anything contrary to his or her moral or ethical codes.  
What happens during a Past Life Regression session?
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffield
At your first consultation, for which there is no charge, your personal details will be noted down, and your reasons for and expectations of past life regression will be discussed. You will also be told whether this technique is suitable for any condition for which you want help. If not, other forms of help will be suggested.
You will receive some information about hypnosis, and if you wish, experience a short introductory trance induction. You will also be informed how many sessions might be useful to you, although you are of course never required to attend more sessions than you find helpful and enjoyable.
At your next visit,after opportunity to discuss any issue which may have arisen since your last visit, the process of revisiting a past life. The process will normally be recorded, and you will be given a copy of the recording so that you can replay this at your leisure. When your journey begins, you will be assisted to enter a full hypnotic trance. You will then be guided through until your journey into the past is completed, when you will be returned comfortably to the present, and can discuss your experiences with the therapist. Each session lasts approximately 1 hr. , although if you need longer you will get this at no additional cost.
Subsequent sessions will follow roughly the same format, although you will normally be visiting of 3 or 4 sessions is usually enough to enable you to gain considerable useful and interesting insight into your past life experiences.
different past lives, or on occasion may wish to revisit one already experienced. A course
Life Between Lives regression - (LBL).
We are also able to offer LBL regression, to the time you spend between lives, in the Land of the Blue Mist, absorbing the experiences of previous lives and preparing for future ones. This is a form of regression for which many charge high prices, but we feel that it should not be made possible only for the wealthy! Hence, we offer this form of regression at the same price as our normal regression.
How much does it cost?
Your first session where you are told more about past life regression and given a short 'taster' of the hypnotic induction, is completely free.
After this, each session of approximately 1 hr length normally costs £55. This can be paid in cash or by cheque at the time of attending.  These two sessions can be combined into a single session of about 2.5 hrs for your convenience if you prefer.
Online past life regression.
We are also able to offer regression online if you are not close enough to our premises in Wath upon Dearne, near Rotherham UK. This is a new, non-hypnotic technique which still yields interesting and useful results, and is competely safe for use online. You will need to have access to webcam facility to make use of this technique. Cost is currently £35, payable by Paypal - see our 'PAY HERE'  page for details.
Please contact us to discuss past life regression by any of the above methods.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffield
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