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Luke Bluewolf Clayton - BA.,Dip.SW.,Dip.PLT(SNHS)
(and friend!)
Luke Bluewolf is a trained and experienced clairvoyant, with clairsentient and clairaudient powers, and offers both public and private readings. For private readings, his preferred tool is the Tarot, although he does also use the table, Ouija board, crystal ball and scrying mirror when moved to do so. He may also simply 'tune in' to you through his spirit guides, and give messages in that way. His gifts enable a pretty unique experience for you.
Luke's natural abilities come to him through the gifts of his parents and grandparents, with the Welsh Celtic sight on his mother's side of the family, and Native American coming through his father. Both his mother and grandmothers on both sides were gifted natural mediums. He has built on these inherited abilities throughout his life, with practice and trainining.
In addition to his clairvoyant abilities, Luke is a qualified Past Life Regression therapist, hypnotherapist and Reiki master, and is pleased to be able to offer appropriate services to those who are interested in benefitting from these. He has also practised as a qualified teacher, social worker and minister of religion and holds university degrees in psychology, education and theology. So when consulting him, you can feel confident that you are in capable and well qualified hands.    
nr. Rotherham, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
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