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What is hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is the process of helping you find solutions to problems or difficulties in your life, physical, mental or emotional, using gentle hypnotic states to do this. While in the hypnotic state, you can  access levels of your mind you don't normally use, and discover causes of problems of which you may not normally be aware. Your mind is also more relaxed and attuned to positive powers you may possess, but seldom use; and you can be helped to bring these out into your daily living, to empower you to live each and every day with much more confident and healthy attitudes, joy and vigour.
What is hypnosis?
You will find an article on hypnosis on our 'Past Life Therapy' page. Broadly speaking, hypnosis is a state of altered awareness, in which your subconscious mind is much more open and receptive to suggestions given to it. In fact, we all drift in and out of various levels of altered awareness all through the day, including times such as watching tv, reading, or relaxing into sleep.  In a hypnotic state you are helped to go into a deeply relaxed condition, a little like sleep, but you will be aware at all times of what is happening. In this condition, you can more easily accesss parts of your mind which are much more positive and helpful to you than sometimes happens in daily life. The therapist will have discussed with you what you want to achieve in your hypnotherapy, and while you are in this relaxed state, he will help you to explore the causes of any problems you have asked to deal with, and/or will make positive suggestions to you of how you will be able to deal with and overcome your difficulties.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffieldSometimes it may be useful for you to explore your past while in the hypnotic state, and you will discuss this with the therapist in your initial consultation. Because hypnosis places you in a very calm and relaxed state, exploration of even quite stressful past events is usually far less upsetting than would be the case in normal waking consciousness, and for some people it can be much easier to come to terms with problems that are related to the past in this way. You will always be aware of everything you say and do while in hypnosis, and can not be influenced to do or say anything contrary to your moral or ethical code. Everything that you do say is completely confidential, as long as it does not relate to illegal activity, and your therapist can be trusted in the same way as you can trust your doctor.
During hypnosis, you will normally feel very calm and relaxed, usually gently warm, and very conforatble and safe. Most people find it a very enjoyable experience, much like relaxing in a warm bed or bath. Mentally, you will be fully alert, but also feel calm and relaxed.
What problems can hypnotherapy help with? 
Hypnotherapy can help deal with many common problems. The list below contains some problems that can be helped, but if your problem is not listed and you would like to discuss it with a therapist, please contact us and we will let you know if we can help, or if not, suggest alternatve treatment.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffieldAddictions; alcohol; caffeine; chocolate; gambling; overeating.
Career and work help - developing your career, achieving promotion, better relationships at work, public speaking, Time management, get more out of your working day, find a better job, interview success.
Depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders.
Fears and phobias: almost any of these can be helped, including agoraphpobia, claustrophobia, fear of spiders and other insects, fear of flying, exam nerves, driving test problems, etc.
Finances - deal with your debts, stop problem spending, wealth creation.
Psychic abilities - clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, dream recall.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffieldRelationships - social confidence, personal attraction, coping with difficult neighbours, finding the right relationship, ending relationships, moving on, perfect relationships.  
Stress and anxiety, both general or related to specific situations - eg. work stress, nightmares.
Self esteem and self confidence - general or in specific situations - eg public speaking, meetigs, study problems, dealing with social situations.
Skin problems - acne, eczema, psoriasis, excessive sweating.
Sexual problems - erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, ejaculatory problems, gender identity problems, crossdressing confidence.
What happens during a hypnotherapy session?
At your first (free) consultation, the therapist will take some personal details for our - confidentail - records, and discuss with you what you want to achieve with the help of hypnotherapy. If he feels hypnotherapy is not the best therapy for you, he will offer suggestions as to what might be more suitable.
He will give you some information on hypnotherapy, and discuss with you how hypnotherapy can be used to help you. He will also tell you how many sessions may be necessary for you to get maximum benefit; a normal course of treatment would be 3 or 4 sessions, with possibly 1 or 2 follow up sessions at a later date to reinforce these. He will probably offer you a short introductory hypnotic induction if you wish to see what this will be like.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffieldAt your next appoinment, after a short introductory talk, the therapist will take you into a full hypnotic state, and begin your agreed treatment. This may involve accessing past memories related to your present problems and 'abreacting', or consciously dealing with these; it may involve the therapist offering positive suggestions on how you can better deal with a problem such as stress or excess weight. You will be in a comfortable, relaxed state throughout.
Once you have completed the therapeutic work for the session, the therapist will help you return gently to the normal waking state; you will feel calm, comfortable, and re-energised. You will have time to discuss your experiences and therapy before you leave. Future appoinmtents will usually follow a similar pattern. Each session normally lasts for approximately 1 hr, but you will be given longer if necessary for no extra charge.
How much does it cost?
Your first, introductory, session is completely free. After this, each session normally costs £55 for 1 hr, or as long as you need. You can pay in cash or by cheque at the time of attending.
What do I do next?
If you think from what has been said above that hypnotherapy might be useful for you - contact us to discuss it or make an appointment for a free initial consultation.
Blue Wolf tarot and psychic, rotherham, doncaster, barnsley, sheffield
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